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Join me on my adventure across the Atlantic

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

I am Jumana AlHaj Abed, and I will be sharing some of the highlights of starting my own research group and lab in Germany at the Max Planck of Immunobiology (MPI) and Epigenetics in Freiburg, Germany!

I am not new to life changing migrations, since I moved from Jordan in 2008 to start my PhD as a Fulbright scholar (thanks Fulbright) at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and again to Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts to start my postdoctoral training.

After living in the USA for so many years, I am expecting a few challenges, especially since I do not speak German. However, I have been actively learning and the MPI has been very supportive during this transition. In addition, I already began interviewing graduate students!

On that note, if you happen to be looking for a job in research as a research technician or postdoc take a look at the research that we will be doing in the AlHaj Abed lab and contact me if you are interested in chatting about an opportunity to join.



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